Tomorrow’s Leaders and Leadership

We’re excited to announce our cooperation with Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland, to deliver a program on leadership as part of the Continued Education and e-MBA program at the university

The program runs between March and June, 2021 in Helsinki and virtual. We’ll look at emerging organisation models, discuss what Leadership is and go in-depth in various aspects of Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Teams. It will be an interesting mix with examples from different companies, discovery of new concepts, self-development and peer discussion.
For more information visit LUT University.

More about some concepts and sources of inspiration on the blog page.

  • Definition of Leadership
    You may be confused about leadership, or what is expect from a leader, or even shy away from using the word, because there are tons of descriptions for leadership but very few good definitions I’d say. Over the last years I came across two definitions that are very similar and that I find particularly enlightening:
  • Lappenranta University of Technology
  • Humanocracy, not Bureaucracy