Lappenranta University of Technology

Tomorrow’s Leaders and Leadership

We’re excited to announce our cooperation with Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland, to deliver a program on leadership as part of the Continued Education and e-MBA program at the university

The program runs between March and June, 2021 in Helsinki and virtual. We’ll look at emerging organisation models, discuss what Leadership is and go in-depth in various aspects of Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Teams. It will be an interesting mix with examples from different companies, discovery of new concepts, self-development and peer discussion.
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Humanocracy, not Bureaucracy

09 November 2020

Last week I read this most inspiring and entertaining book. It also describes the kind of the effort I was involved in, to implement an organisation of autonomous, self-steering teams in a business unit at Saint-Gobain.
The main question addressed in the book: Why is it that in many larger organizations there is amazing talent, passion and knowledge to do better and still, the organisation itself is performing mediocre at best ?

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