How coaching changed me

It is amazing what you can achieve with the help of some good coaching.   Not that you need coaching because there is something wrong with you – as many people I encounter in business still think – but because you want to become your best self.
Have you ever seen a top athlete or top performer without a coach? 

Of course, you have to find a coach that is right for you.  
Here’s what worked for me and what I’m practicing as a coach.

Imagine you want to achieve a goal, make a change, realize something you care about.   At any time, your Performance  equals your Potential minus Interference in your mind, spirit or body.  

Sometimes I felt completely in flow, at full potential, in the moment with nothing interfering, but often I felt a stress small or large, hindering me and holding me back from me being genuine, in the moment with my full energy.

I had practiced mindfulness meditation and yoga – sometimes more, sometimes less – for about ten years and still I felt too much interference. 

Core Energy Coaching (iPEC) helped me to become more aware of how I looked at myself and the world around me and how that affected the way I behaved.  It helped me to identify what is important, what I care about and how part of my mindset was limiting me. Ultimately, I was able to make changes in mindset, to act differently and to feel more often in flow. Yes !

However, there remained times I felt a deep resistance in my body, a paralyzing fear that I could not think or meditate away.  That’s where embodied transformation helped me.  

Partly I worked with therapists specialized in the field of trauma therapy to unlock a door that had been closed for decades.  Additionally, in the coaching area however I experienced a fundamental change through 

Embodied Transformation Coaching (Strozzi Institute). The interferences are often habits subconsciously triggered and executed by the body. The only way to change that is by becoming aware of your embodied habits and by training your body to adopt new habits. For me for example that came down to learning literally to be more centred with my weight over my feet and hips instead of leaning forward towards others in a subconscious attempt to accommodate.  The coaching literally changed me or rather, it made me feel more myself. 

Today, I’m helping others to find their potential.
My coaching services are focused on people in leadership roles in organizations because that is where I spend most of my work-life.  Self-development and in particular self-mastery, is at the core of leadership development.  And if you want to get better at it, start by finding a good coach.

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