Humanocracy, not Bureaucracy

09 November 2020

Last week I read this most inspiring and entertaining book. It also describes the kind of the effort I was involved in, to implement an organisation of autonomous, self-steering teams in a business unit at Saint-Gobain.
The main question addressed in the book: Why is it that in many larger organizations there is amazing talent, passion and knowledge to do better and still, the organisation itself is performing mediocre at best ?

According to Gary Hamel and I full-heartedly agree, it’s because of Bureaucracy. No surprise – bureaucracy was invented to control, to minimize risk, to standardize… ! And yes, it was very successful over the last century as evidenced by the growth of our wealth, but it’s no longer the best way forward.

A better approach, taken by a number of companies over the last two decades, is Humanocracy. It’s an organization based on Ownership where the action is, Meritocracy and peer feedback, Community, Openness of information and acceptance to Experiment.

If you’re looking to improve the results of your team or organisation and boost engagement and motivation of the people in it, I recommend you this book.

PS : There is also the earlier work of Frederic Laloux, “Reinventing Organizations” that I strongly recommend to look at (see my post of 30 October 2020)

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